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Still tired, but ...

So, knocking myself out making a quilt block today put me way ahead of the game for my class. I finished half of the project, and am set up to be able to finish it by next week. Yay me. It was worthwhile hauling my Bernina (and equipment) up the stairs (I also learned how to put on my 'nina walking foot and it worked a treat). Will remember to bring my camera next time.

My back is still complaining mightily at me. Must get up early tomorrow to pick up before the movers come (I made a mess of the back room searching for my rotary cutters) and take a shower. The weekend North Berkeley shopping is at least done.

Also find out tomorrow about Maya's blood work; she has a slightly enlarged kidney, so I hope whatever it is, is medically manageable. My new policy of taking her in often and getting The Tests seems to be a Good Thing.

(She is sitting purring on my lap at the moment. Good Kitty! But I will evict her shortly, as a glass of lemonade and then bed calls.)

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