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Maya update

Vet says Maya's blood test is completely normal.

I will take her in for a urinalysis on Monday. I will also call the kitty acupuncturist (brochure picked up at Animal Farm the other day). Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, how Berkeley can I be?

It's a beautiful day, and she is snoozing out on the back porch. I might do the same indoors, as cat_herder has asked me to show up only 1/2 hour early.

(Neighborhood update: three new cats, a half-Manx gray tabby, a half-Manx calico [Shades of Poor Flikita, although not as fluffy], and a tuxedo cat all think my yard is their home. They recognize me, but of course, Maya doesn't like them. I have taken to patrolling the yard when I let Herself out.)

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