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The kid is *very* observant

(this one is good enough for all the blogs)

My brother and his family recently moved into a nice brand-new house (they got to make the choices and everything). It was a long process looking for something they liked in an area they could afford, and lengthened by the construction process, but it's definitely worth the wait. I stayed with them when I was in the southland.

It has a nice open plan family room/eating area/kitchen in the back of the house. I was playing with my nephew and his Hot Wheels. He assigned me a car and it had been parked at my "house". Most of the other cars were parked at a restaurant at the "pier" (the cars are not allowed on the wood floor, so it's the ocean and the carpet is the land). Then he tells me it's seven AM and I have to get up and drive to the restaurant. "Why?" "You don't have a kitchen in your house." "No kitchen!?!" Without missing a beat, he says "It's a designer house."

After picking my jaw up from the floor, I said, "I guess you went to all those open houses with your mom and dad!". My sister-in-law, who was doing something in the kitchen and whose jaw also dropped, said, "Too many of them, it seems."

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