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The practice of democracy

Since my "secret" was out, and the weekend lines at the Registrar of Voters for "in person absentee" voting were huge, I decided to camp out in front of the window yesterday morning. I arrived at 7:15, no line, went back at 7:45 and was third. I put my Helpful Civil Servant hat on and made sure everyone had their forms, and kept an eye out for people dropping ballots off ("just stand over by that door and wait for someone to come out"). Today I expect to direct a fair amount of traffic of confused people wandering through the lobby looking for the office. Reminds me, I should get going so I can park!

I listened to Morning Edition, and of course the polls were open in the East when I woke up (they are open here now). But I am not planning to listen to coverage tonight, as I do not expect it to be Over any time soon. I will cook, and I will pray as I do so.

I will also call my parents (who I know have voted absentee). I needed to talk with them about Thanksgiving, and I especially need to talk to them now, as my uncle seems to have cancer. Very upsetting as I am quite fond of him. I had a good old cry at the All Souls requiem at church last night. (Choral bits were Faure's; I was seated by a pillar and the introit had me sobbing against it.) But I wore my "I voted" sticker proudly on my jacket.

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