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Two days in the life

I had the last two days off, but it wasn't exactly restful. [ETA: Throughout this, keep in mind that I was preparing for Confirmation on Saturday, not by prayer and scripture reading, but by baking three batches of cookies for the reception.]


7:30 am: Shower
8:00 am: Bake one batch of peanut butter cup cookies
8:15 am: Dress and drag trash can out to street in heavy rain
9:00 am: Acupuncture appointment
10:15 am: across the street in heavy rain to M.D.'s office
11:00 am: finally see doctor. He is concerned about a lump in my breast. Writes me a referral to a surgeon.
11:30 am: Go to lab and get bloodwork done. Rain is sheeting down.
11:40 am: Finally home. Flipping out about lump. My breasts are usually lumpy and I can't feel anything but feel guilty about not doing BSEs.
11:45 am: Realize I haven't eaten all day and make scrambled eggs and toast. Preheat oven for second batch of PB cup cookies.
Noon: Check mail, and check answering machine. Glasses are ready, hooray!
12:40 pm: Leave for hair appointment; traffic is going to be hairy and I need to gas up the car. Use time to think.
1:50 pm: Arrive in Menlo Park. Sun is shining and I find a great parking spot.
2-4:30 pm: Hair. Use downtime productively to schedule pickup for glasses, reschedule mammo for next day, and talk to ayse about logistics for my confirmation on Saturday.
4:30 pm: As usual, Jeanne is a genius. My hair looks great.
4:30-5:40 pm: Drive home. Rainbow clearly visible over the Dumbarton. This cheers me up.
5:40-6 pm: Feed cat and get butter and eggs out for next round of cookies
6-7 pm: Therapy hour (great timing)
7-7:30 pm: Go to Emery Bay Public Market to get a burger. My uncle can't eat them right now but I can. And boy did that burger taste good.
7:30 pm on: Home, trying to decompress, not being too successful. Baked last of the PB Cup cookies, made batter for triple ginger cookies. Loaded and ran dishwasher, which gave me a tidy domestic feeling. But I am driving myself crazy looking for "the lump" - it just feels like a bit more fibrocystic than usual.

I had trouble sleeping on Thursday night. Woke up at about 1 am and bunged Maya in the office. Had some Nyquil and dozed off. Forgot to set the alarm.


6:30 am: Wake up, somewhat annoyed. Make sure to have breakfast (Huevos Rancheros) so I don't pass out during my mammo this time.
7:50 am: En route to the lab. Absolutely flat fucking gorgeous day. Insanely beautiful.
8:30 am: Get sent home when tech realizes I have had a surgeon referral, thus making me a Diagnostic case, not a Routine Screening case. Get told to come back at 1, after Dr. has faxed the correct mammo slip for me.
8:40 am: Pick up the old glasses I was going to donate, and clear out the passenger area of the car.
9:00 am: En route to UC. I miss my turn at Hearst so end up going down a street I rarely travel on. Pretty.
9:15 am: Present myself for New Eyeballs. I can read at short distances again!
9:45 am: Drive to Northside for "Saturday" shopping. Get bread at the Cheese Board.
9:55 am: Go to Papyrus, not open yet. Decide to get my freebie at Peet's.
10:00 am: Peet's is jammed. Find a bench and call surgeon's office to set up appointment. Leave VM.
10:05 am: Office manager calls me back. He is not on my plan. Must consult my doctor.
10:10 am: Get a humorous get well card for my uncle, fully appreciating crunchy ironies.
10:15 am: Am almost run down in the crosswalk by typical self-absorbed Berkeley driver. More crunchy ironic amusement.
10:40 am: Home, call doctor's office. Put phone in pocket and doodle around on the computer some before going into the kitchen to make the chocolate cooky batter and bake some of the ginger ones. Make the mistake of reading work mail (much weirdness).
12:30 pm: Realize that cookies are not a good lunch. Make black bean-cheese-avocado burrito with leftovers and wrap it up for the car.
12:50 pm: Back at Alta Bates lab. Staff is buzzing about Peterson verdict, to be announced at 1 pm. I knew this because co-worker had scheduled "meeting" for us (boss is interested in case). Get practice reading magazines with new specs. I keep trying to look over, and now I should look down.
1:00 pm: I am whisked back into the room for mammo (I seem to be a bit of a queue jumper, but those are the breaks). My left breast (the one with "the lump") really hurts and I get a bit woozy. No fainting this time though. They tell me that I will know the results before I leave; fast trackers get same-day service.
1:15 pm: Tech steps out while I am recovering from wooze and finds out the verdict. Murder One.
2:00 pm: Nothing in either test - I am free to go.
2:20 pm: Home and trying to decompress, but one happy camper.
3:00 pm: Let cat out back and discover box of overnighted clothing has arrived. Have fun trying it on. I will definitely be wearing the coat tomorrow. Wardrobe dilemma solved!
4:30 pm: Off to Bed, Bath, and Blow Me (tm Cynthia Heimel) to get tablecloths for T-Day.
5:30 pm: It is dark when I get out and I am reminded that I haven't slept well for two nights. I have some phone calls to make and email to check but am thinking a Lush bath and beddy-bye sounds good. I can duct tape up the hem of my new black trousers tomorrow morning (LL Bean, unlike Land's End, does not custom inseam).

ETA: I actually didn't go to bed until about ten as I decided to bake up the last type of cooky before I went to bed so they could set up overnight. This proved to be a wise decision on my part, as all I really needed to do in the am was package things up and prepare my clothes and bag. But I did have a lovely Lush bath - Waving not Drowning, which I ran while the cookies were baking - and slept very well.


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Nov. 13th, 2004 04:47 am (UTC)
Well phew on the lump thing. And don't feel bad about BSEs: studies show they are not effective at all in finding lumps.
Nov. 13th, 2004 03:21 pm (UTC)
Great! I'm just so glad to hear that it's negative.

And what a busy two days! You really get things done.

And today's the _big_ day. When I see you tomorrow you will be a new person!
Welcome to the clan....
Nov. 15th, 2004 03:45 am (UTC)
Figures the verdict was Murder One. We all know you have Killer Tits.
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