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Holiday Countdown

Well, I have this coming week off work, although I am not going to be kicking back much.

Because ... I'm hosting Thanksgiving!

And the house is not where I had hoped it would be by this time. The cleaning I had hoped to do last weekend was rather eclipsed by the medical blitz. I looked behind the door in the bathroom (hey, I never close it when I am at home by myself) and said, "Now if you had been doing Flylady Zone Work, you wouldn't be in this mess, WOULD YOU?". Sigh.

But I'm making progress. I declared a moratorium on non-T-day food and the fridge should be plenty clear for the turkey after I finish the roast chicken (2 more meals) in there. I will clear out some more so I can keep the potatoes in there. The veggie bins have enough room (and I have already purchased most of the veg I need). I have lots of butter, cream, and lactose-free (for squeezehead) milk for the potatoes and stuff. Most of the household stuff has been purchased and I have a list for the last remaining items.

The housecleaners come Monday; I am hoping to have the bedroom and bath tidied up, and leave the sorting through the glassware in the back room for afterwards, because it will be a more containable mess.

On the plus side, I'm pretty confident about the cooking end of things, but I'm hoping the turkey fits in my somewhat small roasting pan. Dealing with Surly Table on Tuesday would be a real PITA.

Now ... back to work.


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Nov. 21st, 2004 10:34 pm (UTC)
Fear not. I have a giant-ass roasting pan. You don't need to go to Surly Table. Just go to Cat-Encrusted Table.
Nov. 21st, 2004 11:47 pm (UTC)
Yeehaw! Although Bed Bath and Blow Me was having pans for $19.99 after rebate so they were the alternative.

You might be getting a call from me Tuesday.

Could you also please make some ice and bring it in a ziploc baggie for drinks? My freezer is just about down to the point where I can fit an ice tray or two in, but I could probably use some supplement esp. as I will be using ice to blanch the beans on Wednesday.
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