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Today's progress

I made significant progress in the bedroom and bath yesterday, and have spent my time this afternoon building on the former, and throwing things out of the fridge and freezer (about four grocery sacks worth of freezer burn and dead condiments ... oh my freakin' God). If I have copious free time (ha ha) I will wash out the fridge shelves. But the trash can is getting pretty darn full and pickup day is Thursday. That's the bad news; the good news is that with a couple more day's effort, it will look somewhat reasonable for the class Elissa is having here Monday.

For those of you who have been in my house recently, the progress in the bedroom is that the pile of stuff on the window wall has been shrunk down to the pile of stuff in the corner. The cotton sheers are unfortunately revealed to be rather mildewed, so a trip back to BBB or to Cost Plus will be in order. I do have to say that the lined burgundy raw silk ones at BBB looked quite attractive.

For now I am going to eat lunch and decide what else to do in what order for the rest of the day.

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