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I survived the Berkeley Bowl!

idasusan helped SAVE THE DAY by offering space in her trash can so I would have a little room in mine left for Thursday. Many, many thanks. It was quite pleasant visiting with her.

I should have adjusted my schedule and picked up the bird right afterwards (she lives on the block that had the back parking lot entry to the OLD Bowl). I went after my acupuncture appointment in Orinda. It was bad (I had to park south of Ashby) but my planning ahead on other purchases made it easy. I had the list and carried the turkey around in my large canvas bag, freeing up handbasket room.

I got a 12.5 instead of a 14# bird, so no worries about its fitting in my pan.

Saw huge stalks of brussels sprouts (for a whopping $1.99 each) and thought of ayse. We will have LOTS of green veg this Thanksgiving.

Tonight I brine the turkey, dip truffles, make tapenade and spiced nuts, and do the turkey broth if I have time. Otherwise that goes tomorrow morning.

I should also count silverware tonight.

I sure hope I don't have to go into a grocery tomorrow!

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