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So after my week of being at home, when I could have dealt with it easily, the heater decides to go out. Brrr. I have been running the oven non-stop, and just found the mini-space heater for the office.

I have a cold, which means that the lack of dry forced air is a bit of a plus, but on the minus side it's tough to get out of bed and dressed in the am. I am taking it really easy this weekend, as I have system work tomorrow and next week will be very busy as I need to put my EMAIL ADMINISTRATOR hat back on. I have my nephew's birthday present, but will have to hope for more energy next week to wrap it up and mail it off. Perhaps I can get out of the office 4 or 4:30ish and go to the post office. The hot and sour soup cure is so far, so good.

I am running myself a hot shower and will jump in it shortly so that my hair stops sticking out, then I will wrap up and catch up on LJ. I will be "backdating" several posts, probably while my hair is drying out. (I do have some photos to edit - finally uploaded the T day week photos from the camera.)

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