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The Power of Pancakes

Yesterday it was raining. A lot. We've had about 3" rain here in the last two days, which is significant because average annual here is 22" or 23".

Yesterday I was tired because some yo-yo programmer hadn't checked his job till 11 pm and ended up calling me at 11:45 (waking me out of a sound sleep) with a Production! Emergency! That! Had! To! Be! Dealt! With! Now! (which he should have known of by 8 pm, when we were all awake) and I didn't sleep well afterwards.

Yesterday I had a fairly grim day at work (actually my cohorts had an even grimmer one but I was Feeling Their Pain too) and I stayed till 6:30 helping out one of them. My eyes were starting to cross on the way home.

I came home and made ... Potato Pancakes.

I don't know why I bother with laying in the traditional accompaniments. I had pot roast (done Tuesday), sour cream, and apples for applesauce. I ended up eating them pretty much right after they had come out of the frying pan. And I ate about half the batch.

I had a wee glass of red wine afterwards and went to bed contented.

Wishing you all a joyous Festival of Lights. (I finally lighted my Advent candles in the kitchen while I was dealing with the latkes.)