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Signs and Blunders

The Christmas stress season is upon me, primarily because I haven't done jack shit beyond buying the Nephew Unit's birthday present (although I have The List, and this is Good). No cookies, no cards, no nothin'.

It's cold and wet.

My lurge won't go away. And now I'm extra anxious about that, as I have been asked to read a lesson for our Lessons and Carols service on the 19th.

Work is way crazy busy and people are stupider than usual.

And I can't get my act together to do the other stuff.

But today when I was whining about this to my therapist, I reached in my raincoat pocket ... and pulled out about $200 in cash that I didn't know was there.

I took this as a Sign From Above ... Hope is on the way!

I'm sincerely hoping that by Sunday next at latest the joy breaks through again.

In the meantime I have Made A List and will try to start checking things off. I also had leftover potato pancakes, which was a Good Thing.