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Makin' a list ... checkin' it twice

Well, the idea of making a Big List seems to have helped me pull out of the doldrums. I made substantial progress over the weekend, to wit: Christmas shopping substantially done, cards purchased, stamps purchased, the kid's bd present sent off in good time, the double batch of cookies almost completely baked up, and made the first call about the heater.

I guess it also helped that the stupid on-call call I got on Friday was at 11 pm, not later, and was able to get a good night's sleep. Someone's ass is going to be fried today as they forgot to record the call, yet again.

I was totally exhausted (but in a really good way) after seeing the Blind Boys of Alabama and the Dixie Hummingbirds in concert on Saturday night. I slept till 8:15 (so much for my idea of going to early service) but was in reasonable voice for the main service. I blew off Evensong last night, though; needed to potter around the house and keep my strength up for the expected weirdness at the office. It's been insane. And no I don't work retail.