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Home again

Due to delays in the flight (we barely skated out of John Wayne Airport in time for 10 pm curfew) and the Mongolian clusterfuck that was passenger pick-up at Oakland, by the time ayse left after settling kitty in, I calmed Maya down, and I peeled off my jeans and crawled under the covers, it was a quarter to one am.


I seemed to wake up early this morning and bung Maya in the front room, because she wasn't next to me when I came up for air in the morning, and she was in the front room (and REALLY peeved about that). I don't remember doing that!

Kitten heard the radio going and started with the "YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!!!" complaints from the back bedroom.

I oozed out of bed at about 8:15.

Maya is sleeping in the office, kitty had some cuddle time, and I am covered in cat hair. I can see that the masking tape rolls for defuzzing myself will be a big part of my life from now on.

I think I'll go to the Homemade for brekkie. Fried potatoes sound good right now.

[Edited to put place names instead of airport codes. And the potatoes were very good.]


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Dec. 28th, 2004 10:26 pm (UTC)
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