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I've been in Book Acquisition and Book Reading mode lately. No big surprise, I guess, when it's been pissing down rain outside, I had monster cramps (for two freakin' days plus) and no energy to cook, and have also found that sitting on the bed reading is a good way for the warring factions in the house to get to know each other a little better. Maya sits on my lap and gets petted and stroked and doesn't growl or hiss too much as Maggie 'splores (or sits at a respectful distance and looks cute). Last night Miss Maggie even sniffed Miss Maya without getting a big ol' swat on her nose for her trouble. There's something about the setup on the bed. If I am on the computer with Maya on my lap, as I am now, Maggie has been under the chair, pissing Maya off mightily.

I scored big at St. Mark's "Clean out the library" sale on Sunday; six volumes. I also finally placed a huge order at Amazon, both new and used. (Ah, I miss the days when they would ship my supersaver right away from the Reno warehouse and I'd have my books in two days. Although I should get one of my boxes tomorrow, if the USPS cooperates.) I even broke one of my regular rules and paid retail for a book at Borders, instead of schlepping up to Black Oak and being all indie about it. Because it was cold (it had stopped raining, thank God; the trash finally went OUT) and I was Crampy Girl, and I wanted to get a burger and fries at the Public Market and get lost in a good book.

Lost in a Good Book is, indeed, the title of the book I got. I recently read the first in Jasper Fforde's series (thus the title of this post - the bookworms spit out punctuation when they get out of control!) and was Highly Entertained. The sequel did not disappoint in the least little bit. In case I'm not the last of my Well Read Friends to read it ... do!

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