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Humpday Misc.

I enjoyed my day off on Monday. I even spent some of it in praise and thanksgiving for the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. I had a big ol' U2 fest; listened to the new album and thought it sounded like a slicker, "we can play now" version of some of their early stuff. I put "Unforgettable Fire" on directly after because I wanted to sing "Pride in the Name of Love" at the top of my lungs, and weyhey. It was a trip on the wayback machine, in a good way.

Earlier in the day on Monday, as previously noted on (cross blog pimp ON) the food blog (cross blog pimp OFF), I finally checked out our new branch of Caffe Trieste. I can see why the place is always jammed; it's the perfect neighborhood joint. They have a beer and wine license, sell food that is not of the coffeehouse pastry variety (although they have that too), and have "Happy Hour" in the evenings. Pizza, salad, and a pint of Anchor for six-fifty? Sign me up. As the recent blurb on SFGate said, it's got everything but the tourists. Okay, so it doesn't have Molinari's, or fabboo Italian bakeries that sell my two favorite Italian pastries (raspberry crostata, and that tart with the custard base and the berries over it). Country Cheese, the Spanish Table, and the Mexican pasteleria aren't too far up the road, though.

I am really rather pleased that we have a coffee house type joint in the neighborhood, and that it is doing so well. (Doubly pleased that it's a local joint.) Actually, that whole shopping strip between the Ecology Center and Dwight has gotten quite chi-chi. Some of the previous chi-chi shops closed down, but new foofiness has moved in. I would expect to see shops like this on Fourth, or on Telegraph, or in North Beach itself. They are even trying to name the district (a sure sign of "arrival"). To them it's Left Bank; to me it's East Bay Beach (grin). We will see what sticks; I was pleased as Punch, as a homeowner in the district, when the city started slapping up "International Marketplace" signs a wee bit further up San Pablo, as an attempt to name the emerging destination shopping nabe, but I thought that was too long.

Maggie is getting to be a big bruiser. She feels heavier. And I've been picking her up a bit lately, as she has been hunting Maya and just generally being a big pest for the last couple of days. I lost one of the new toys (fleece strip on a stick) - I have to wonder if she is bored and taking it out on Maya. The silver lining is that Maya sleeps like a rock all night and doesn't try nudging me awake.

I am not doing well on my NY resolution to eat less starch (esp. less sugar, as I have a throat tickle again and it is BAD BAD BAD for that). The office is a real downfall with the supply of Ghirardelli dark chocolate that Santa gave me (excellent choccie, btw) and the peanut butter m&ms at one programmer's desk. Although I did a check-in on some of my others and feel like I am getting off ground. The housecleaning this weekend did help me feel like I had made progress and I have even started some mild exercise. I am going to try to work out a simple exercise routine at home, but in the meantime I am walking UP the stairs in the garage to my car at work. I parked on floor six today.

The computer is cooperating with the "buy less online" program by being funky about accepting ssl certificates. No ssl, no ecommerce. It's that simple.

Otherwise, I have been feeling moderately antisocial IRL. Online I seem to be ok. Maybe it's the sort of lack of voice thing. Those who remember my Big Nerves about reading for Lessons and Carols will, I hope, be amused to learn that I read one of the lessons (slightly hoarse voice and all) last Sunday at 8 am. I seem to be over the nerves hump, at least for reading.

(Speaking of reading, and lack of sleep, I slept poorly last night, and got up at four, so it's off to beddy-bye I go.)

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