Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

I'm baaaack

I had some unexpected "shore leave" (as the Ship puts it).

Computer refused to load the shots off my digicam on Saturday. I decided to run Housecall. Spyware detected, removed. But on the reboot Zone Alarm would not restart itself, as it was complaining about a dll not being registered. ZA then cut me off from the Internet, as most Bad Programs will try to take out your AV/Firewall first.

I had to go into the office to do some research on the error messages I got. (Google is my friend, when I can GET to it.) Had to de-register and re-register the DLLs, then go through the slow process of trusted/untrusted computers and programs, as I had cleared out the ZA logs as a first step.

But I was internetless at home. I went over to cat_herder's to post my entry for the latest "Is My Blog Burning?" event. E., you rock. And your new laptop toy is very cool.

Now I must tear myself away from the computer, do something about dinner, and let Maggie out of stir ... now that I have the option.

(AFTER I edit my pictures and post them to the blog entry. Yes, my camera upload works normally now.)

I can give this up any time. Really.

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