Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

weekend update

Maggie had a bad day of it yesterday. She was fluffed out and howling at the vet's when I picked her up. When she stepped out of the carrier, she had urinated in it ... poor kitty. Her tail was soaked. She continued howling as I settled her in (and tried drying her off). She calmed down a bit after she got some food and I left the room. I think she likes letting me know she is annoyed.

She is, at the moment, resting more or less comfortably. I go in, make sure she is breathing ok, pet her, continue with my housework. The vet gave some pain pills and (to quote cat_herder) I managed to get one down her pie hole. I have worked on keeping Maya and Maggie seperated today; I think Maya would take advantage. I am supposed to try to keep Maggie from jumping for ten days; no problem today, but could be tricky in a week when she starts feeling more herself again.

I think I'll try washing her tail while she is still relatively immobile, though ... probably tomorrow, as I have a pedicure scheduled for early evening and probably won't want to fuss with medicine and wash tonight. I woke up at three and only got a little sleep after that. (Went in and checked on Maggie, then couldn't sleep and went through my bills.)

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