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No rest for the wicked

Work has been fairly brutal the last few days, after the week starting promising enough. On W-Th-Fri I had Bad Hair Days, including a major crying fit on Thursday as I was late for an appointment because someone was sloppy at work and left me to pick up the pieces at the end of the day.

And I was tasked yesterday with being support for a migration that had to be rolled back due to bad planning on the other part. It would have been nice to be told at 9 am (the original start time) that they wouldn't be ready for me till noon; I could have at least got some errands done instead of waiting around not able to start much. But I kind of got strung along. I had to peel myself away at three and didn't get any shopping or errands done, which made me cranky as I don't get that time back. (I should have done the research for Phoenix. Spaced.)

I decided to go to early church because, having lost Saturday, I was behind with the Weekend Tasks (for example, there was no milk in the house). I got a call-phone call during church, and spent the remainder of the service worrying that I had been audible in discussing it (I stepped outside, but probably not far enough). It put paid to my plans to wait for idasusan arriving for choir practice and give her a beeeg hug before her chemo. I drove downtown, grumbling about No Life Because I'm Wiping Incompetent's Noses. As I got there, I got a call telling me it had recovered. This lightened my mood considerably, as I had been thinking that I would have got in trouble for not dealing with the issue immediately.

Then, after I went to TJ's and finally got some milk, and settled in, I got ... another call. The out-of-control project wanted me to do something, which I don't know how to do. Fortunately the person who knows how to do this is available, but still. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough.

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