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A silly V-Day quiz

Now that I'm starting to catch up on my f-list reading after the Work Horror, I realize that ayse will think I got it from her, but I really got it from charlottezweb. We Charlottes have to stick together, ya know.

Even funnier than the fact that prairierabbit is quite a knitter, and snippy quite a cook, and the other answers just generally amusing, is the fact that I can so totally imagine the Sheepy Singing Telegram. (*big smoochies*).

(Note to idasusan: here's how to do the tags.)

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Cooks you breakfast in bedsnippy
Sends you 3 dozen long-stem rosesstephaniebird
Gets your name tattooed on their buttsqueezehead
Puts an ad in the paper, asking you for a datebronica
Stalks your LJ and leaves anonymous "indiscreet" replies1ginko
Knits you a sweater...with their own hairprairierabbit
Delivers a naked singing telegramwondersheep
Declares their undying love loudly and oftenfigmo
Quiz created by Larinzia at BlogQuiz.Net
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