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The best laid plans

Yesterday was my Saturday, finally, and felt very busy as I tried to catch up. I had some LJ and usenet time, but didn't cook at all. My car is going in for its regular service today, so I was planning to use this less-mobile time to go through the piles and find important papers (all my tax stuff, my Wait Wait tix, and a book I'm looking for) and make some lemon curd.

One of the things I was able to do yesterday is go to the GTU bookstore and get myself a copy of the "Daily Office Lectionary". As Melissa warned, it wasn't cheap, but I was thrilled to open it up and find everything I needed in one volume: the offices themselves, the Psalter, and all the scripture readings, day by day.

I was, however, less than thrilled when I read last night's EP only to discover that one of my volumes is missing a large number of pages - from the end of Compline through Psalm 40. Obviously I need to go back to GTU and deal with a return. I wanted to do that today, but a bus trip over to northside will eat up a chunk of my organizing day. I hope the car is ready in the early afternoon so I can swing by afterwards.


Must evict the cat and go to the shop now. I did get Jim Wallis' latest book, and will read it on the bus.

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