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Well, I thought things were looking up.

My lemon marmalade turned out pretty well last night.

The hormonal haze has shown occasional signs of lifting. (The cramps are still around but some of the Estrogen Effect has been noted.)

And I was able to borrow a church parking pass to park at Z'bach for the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show tomorrow.

But when I turned the key in the car ignition tonight, there was nothing, nada, zilch, except all the idiot lights flashing. And I had that car inspected just last week!


Whiskey, neat, stat.

And a HOT BATH is being drawn at this moment.

At least it wasn't raining tonight so walking to/from BART was relatively simple.

(Would you praying types please say one for me? I do rather seem to be under a cloud at the moment.)

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