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Count your blessings

One of the items on Christian Aid's Count Your Blessings Lent page last week was to give 10p (which I am doubling to make my math easier) for each friend or family member you saw during the week (because war in the Democratic Republic of Congo had seperated many families).

Yesterday was a Most Excellent day for seeing people, esp. people I know with LJ accounts: idasusan did a breathtakingly beautiful solo at church and poked her nose in the kitchen to say hi as I was cleaning out the coffee pot, serenejournal and her charming partners were wonderful hosts for her toffee-making party, and I finally got to see ayse and squeezehead, which made me very happy indeed.

cat_herder is back from The Gates of Noo Yawk, and while I'm glad she's had such a nice vacation, I'm glad to have her back too (even though I may not see her).

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