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When I was at the GTU bookstore getting the Daily Office book, I decided to Support My Local Indie Bookseller by getting Jim Wallis' latest book, God's Politics.

One of the silver linings of my car temporarily dying was that I finished it while I was waiting for the AAA truck to arrive.

And what was my reward for being a Good Little Parishioner and actually reading the Sunday announcements? Why, it was finding out that the good Rev. would be speaking in Berkeley this coming Friday. I mentioned this to a person at my class last night and he said that he had tickets to see Wallis at my old stomping grounds.

As Grace is a much larger place than First Congregational in Berkeley, I decided to try and do likewise. I now have a ticket (phone ordered, to be will-called at the door). I will probably dispense with getting my book signed, as it will be a weeknight.

If the event is as good as the book, it's gonna be a great one. As I was mentioning to the gentleman at the sponsoring organization, Grace is a "thin space".

Edited to add this link to an article in the SF Chronicle today.


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Feb. 23rd, 2005 07:55 am (UTC)
I may have to get this book. One thing in the description that bothered me: It made it sound like the assumption is that liberals have no religion. Perhaps I'm living in a fool's paradise of sorts (Manhattan), but the religious institutions that I'm most familiar with (Episcopalian and Jewish) are packed full of liberals! I'm aware that not all Jews and Episcopalians are liberal, but the vast majority of the ones that I meet are.

Speaking of liberal religious figures: did I tell you that I went to hear Sister Helen Prejean speak recently about her new book? Wow! That woman is a firecracker! Alas, I wasn't able to get my question in.
Feb. 24th, 2005 03:35 am (UTC)
Actually, Wallis is about as progressive as they come; he's trying to correct the (bad) assumption that liberals are Godless heathens. His basic argument is that "the Left doesn't get it" in two major ways: one is that a lot of leftie Christians have made the mistake that a personal God is a private God, and more or less keep themselves to themselves, at least as far as the political sphere goes in recent years. The second is that the Democratic Party and a lot of secular liberals have sort of dropped the ball in listening to people of faith, unless they give a token (cultural? But it is very token) nod to black and brown folks, thus allowing the religious Right to control the dialogue as far as faith is concerned.

Thus giving a lot of people the idea that liberals can't be Christian (or vice versa).

You and I know better, but I see people coming onto the LJ ChristianLeft community almost every day with "I thought I was the only one out there, I'm so happy to find a community". Breaks my heart, it does.

I've edited my post to add a link to an interview in the SF Chronicle.

Feb. 26th, 2005 05:02 pm (UTC)
Unrelated comment but ...
...I want to say I really like your site! I discovered it last week. I love cooking, among other things, so I will celebrate finding you by making the Banana Bread a la Domestic Goddess! On a different note, I have a question, How do you feel about SPLENDA? Is it horrible stuff to put in our bodies? My instinct tells me that it is. But, I would like to know your opinion, and anyone else's who would like to kick in. Of course, it suddenly has become a concern AFTER BUYING TWO HUGE BAGS OF IT, thinking I would use it instead of sugar. After my doctor told me I could become a diabetic if I continue eating artificial sugar it freaked me out ... a little. He said the worse sugar is that of ice cream. "It's not the fat in ice cream we need to worry about, it's the sugar." Anyway, feedback will be appreciated greatly!
Feb. 26th, 2005 07:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Unrelated comment but ...
I'm afraid I can't be much help with that, as I don't even use non-sucrose sugars in my coffee. (OK, I have bottles of corn syrup and molasses in the cabinet, but those are strictly for baking. And the honey for yogurt and tea, of course.) I think a google search may be in order. You should also do a google groups search for "splenda" on rec.food.cooking; that group may be interesting to you as several people are low-carbing, some to lose weight, some to manage their diabetes. Have you checked out the South Beach diet? It seems to have a sensible "good carbs/good fats" approach.

I will say that I don't consume a lot of pre-made/processed goods, so I don't eat a lot of high-fructose corn syrup, which I think is the sugar equivalent of trans fats (in other words, worse for you than sucrose).

Also, you might see if the dr. can refer you to a dietician, or other dietary resources.
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