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When I was at the GTU bookstore getting the Daily Office book, I decided to Support My Local Indie Bookseller by getting Jim Wallis' latest book, God's Politics.

One of the silver linings of my car temporarily dying was that I finished it while I was waiting for the AAA truck to arrive.

And what was my reward for being a Good Little Parishioner and actually reading the Sunday announcements? Why, it was finding out that the good Rev. would be speaking in Berkeley this coming Friday. I mentioned this to a person at my class last night and he said that he had tickets to see Wallis at my old stomping grounds.

As Grace is a much larger place than First Congregational in Berkeley, I decided to try and do likewise. I now have a ticket (phone ordered, to be will-called at the door). I will probably dispense with getting my book signed, as it will be a weeknight.

If the event is as good as the book, it's gonna be a great one. As I was mentioning to the gentleman at the sponsoring organization, Grace is a "thin space".

Edited to add this link to an article in the SF Chronicle today.

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