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But a lot of you knew that already.

She wasn't interested in eating at home last night, so we went to La Pena for a "light" meal of tapas. As we had two plates each and seriously carbo-loaded (mmmm, plantanos), it wasn't exactly light, but it was fun. It did cure me of my wish to go out and find French fries.

She toyed the kitten most vigorously when we got back to my place. Maggie was panting. This morning I decided to roll out of bed at 6 am and Maya wanted out in the beautiful fine day immediately. I took the opportunity to feather-toy the kitten. Maya was able to move past Maggie into the office without incident (I was continuing to play with Maggie) so there was not the usual Morning Drama. It won't be able to happen like that every morning but it was nice.

It is an absolutely beautiful day today ... a very nice change from all the rain.

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