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Has it been a week?

I was on call last week, which piled on the sleep deprivation and caused me to be rather loopy last week. I was still pretty happy, though, when I wasn't snowed under with work; not only had I been gone a week, one co-worker was sick all week and the other went on his vacation. The work weirdness is abating somewhat, which helped me keep that happy bouncy Easter-and-a-fun-family-wedding feeling. (The noise level has dropped drastically and I am no longer a glorified helpdesk flunky, so can get projects done. I got a very favorable annual review, too.)

I dropped by serenejournal's Friday night thing to pick up some shockingly pink jelly and schmooze with her and the always entertaining someotherguy. I was a bit cranky after work due to hormones and people just generally being dumbasses, but that was quite the Attitude Adjuster.

In one of those LiveJournal moments, I learned of the Pope's death by reading wondersheep; she must have been vigiling at her computer and posted something the minute she heard (it was timestamped for just about the moment it became public knowledge). I will say that I checked my flist out of sheer habit rather than SFGate or CNN, as I had been keeping watch at my computer and listening to the news before doing my Saturday errands.

I met stephaniebird yesterday and we had delicious Mediterranean food on College Ave after church. Mmmmmm, fillo. It made up for the time change totally kicking my butt; as I noted to Boss Man, anyone who schedules system work for Time Change Day should be shot.

And at the moment I am continuing the Easter feast by enjoying the lovely exotic Vosges truffles that the fabulous Deb sent me; the Black Pearl (dark chocolate, ginger, black sesame, wasabi) is my favorite so far, but I can really only taste the ginger in it. Chocolate and ginger Does Not Suck as a combo.

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