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Maya is home

and loping around the house.

I think we're going to take a nap before I pop out and do my Cheeseboard run; I made a "wrong turn" (actually, not making the correct one because I thought I was going somewhere else) twice on the way over.

A Screaming! Work! Emergency! got dropped in my lap (and everyone else's) at about 4 pm yesterday, after a very quiet day. My dinner with elissaann was much delayed and I really did have to insist. (I do think my helpful nature gets taken advantage of.) But we had a pleasant, if abbreviated, visit and dropped by serenejournal's Friday at-home, where kind souls fed me chocolate mint cookies and very fine Scotch.

I was feeling hung-over well before the booze (which I had on top of a full dinner, so no tiddly); the Screaming! Work! Stress! on top of the whole animal saga has made me quite punchy.

After our nappie-poo and shopping, I shall work on the lamb legs in my fridge for tomorrow's wing-ding. The weather is looking unpromising for outdoor with Holy Martyr Fire barbeque (*grump*).

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