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Sunday Cat Blogging

I'm feeling somewhat odd not being at church at the moment. I got home from the system work lateish (as usual) so my hair was pretty wet at the time I would normally have left for 10 am service. If I hadn't been so exhausted I would have just hauled out the dryer and shown up a bit late, but I decided that Evensong tonight was going to be it and put on a second pot of coffee.

I went out and smelled the roses. They are in crazy bloom. Piccies to be forthcoming.

I was somewhat unsanguine about Little Miss Thing's recovery last night, as she seemed to be very creaky and moving slowly, and she schnubbed (a la Mutts) the first type of food I gave her. Then she wolfed down the Greek yogurt I gave her (suggestion per elissaann) but the, erm, afterresults were not optimal. (I'm thinking a little less next time.)

But she was very interested in my tapioca pudding (which I got to cheer myself up; when the chips are down, I want to eat something that my grandmother fed me) just before I went to bed, and licked out the bowl when I put it on the chair for her.

And this morning she head-butted and licked me in an effort to get me up and moving, and followed me from room to room, and put up a big fuss when I pilled her. So she is definitely more herself.

In other cat news: Maggie has learned the unrolling-the-TP-roll trick. Yes, I did have the hanging-down side in the back, why do you ask?

In World Cat News, I peeked at the latest "Friday Cat Blogging" from Kevin Drum and learned all about His Newly-Installed Holiness' fondness for felines. While the cynic in me agrees that the Vatican PR machine has been working overtime, that is the second most encouraging thing I have heard so far about the man. (The first was a report on the Ship from someone who knows the man.)

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