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That was interesting

Just before I peeled off to Trader Joe's, the phone rang.

It was a prerecorded message from none other than John Kerry, asking me if I was interested in supporting the campaign. The phone tree choices flowed well*, and, fresh from my memories of my rally outside the convention twenty years back (see today's post on my blogspot blog), I agreed to contribute and provided my email (I hope it's not spammed, should have used the one I use for the LJ profile, which I check every couple of days).

* It was almost scarily conversational. The pre-recorded message is hardly unique, we had it for the last round(s) here, but it flowed well, as I said (choices were made using touch tone phone) and someone fixed the autodialer issue so that "Hello, this is John Kerry" followed after my "hello" almost immediately.

I think this means that 1) I might have reregistered Democrat after my cross to the other side (my SIL was highly amused by that) and 2) the Dems have something resembling their shit together in fundraising. They're gonna farkin' need it, too. (Give if you're at all inclined.)

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