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Monday musings

Yesterday, all in all, was a pretty good day, even if it was Too Damn Wet in spots.

Shortly after the last post, I made up a pan of brownies and put them in the oven for evensong at the church. I got a phone call from Dad saying that rain was expected, and that Mom would understand if I didn't slog through it to see her. I told him that I would check the weather in the am and let them know.

I made foccacia and hummus as well (also for the reception) and got fairly busy with tidying the house, as my cleaners were expected today and I wasn't planning to be home much. It was a good feeling to see some order coming out of chaos.

On Sunday I woke up, showered, ate, and saw actual blue sky on the way to church, which boded well for my travel plans. I went to early service but got a non-virtual hug from idasusan, as I was still around when the choir started arriving.

At about 10:15 I took off for Tomatoland. It was drizzling at worst and traffic was light.

The visit was good. Mom's physical condition is improving and her spirits seem pretty good, which is a very good thing indeed. We had a nice lunch (cooked by Dad), a visit, and a few rounds of Farkle. I also did some minor computer voodoo on Dad's system.

I took off shortly before 4 pm, hoping to swing by the Dixon farm stands (with the promise of $.99 asparagus) on the way back (or possibly by Ikeda's for some of that razzleberry pie - which would certainly honor my maternal grandmother). Alas, this was not to be, due to the #$%#$! holiday traffic on I-80 going west. The backup started shortly after I-5, so I looped around and headed towards Woodland. I always feel like Huck wanting to light out for the Territories on that stretch of I-5; my impulse is to keep going, up to the True North Strong and Free. But I swung south through Davis, as I contemplated the Local Angle of my latest book acquisition (The Jane Austen Book Club, and also tried to work out the Austenian parallels in the novel. There was still traffic when I rejoined I-80, and I didn't get to Dixon till almost five, so I decided to bag the farm stands and just get myself back to Berkeley.

I rolled up at the church at about six, just as evensong was letting out, and turned out to be much appreciated, as we were short-handed in the kitchen. (Small crowd, due to the combo of the weather and Mother's Day, no doubt.) As it turned out, the organizer had a paper due and hadn't prepared anything herself, so I didn't feel so silly about having made goodies for an event that I wasn't sure I'd turn up at. It all disappeared, except a small amount of hummus of the double batch I made, which I sent home with an appreciative non-cook (I have been craving hummus, but I can always make more). We were out of there at 8:30, just after a truly impressive cloudburst.

The cats were a bit cranky when I got back, but I felt refreshed by the visit and the other socializing of the day. I was, however, pretty glad that I had cleaned on Saturday and could fall into bed.

This evening I am enjoying the sunshine in my clean house. I bought Maggie a new toy so she mostly attacked that instead of Maya (grin) and, wonder of wonders, the cleaners found my old James Avery Jerusalem cross, the one I wore for years and years until I misplaced it in the bedroom last August. I knew it was in the room because I had taken it off for a shower. So now I am wearing it and the "Abundant Love" cross I bought as a "replacement". I'm hoping that this is a sign of things to come, that the craziness and spaciness will resolve itself and I will be better organized, better able to focus, and not, like, misplace important things. I am still "blaaah" at the office, but again, I hope that things are turning around. (Now if I remember to pay my bills ...)

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