Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Kalenda Maya, 1989-2005

The Mighty Huntress

Her full name (never used except formally, as she had lots of other nicknames - Spud, Meatloaf, Miss Thing, Mighty Huntress, and much later Cranky Old Girl) came about because we got her in the month of May. She was previously "Matilda" but that didn't quite fit her. And in May she has left my life.

When I called the vet just before 3 pm I learned that Maya had expired about half an hour previously. I got some pix of her this morning but this is one of the ways I will remember her always: Maya the tawny lioness, Maya the mighty hunter, Maya the Queen of All She Surveys. She was a wonderful, wonderful friend and I will miss her like crazy.

I am sure I will blubber more about it later but, while of course I would have liked to have her longer, I am very glad that her decline was pretty short in time (e.g. not drawn out and she didn't suffer except for the last day).

Thanks to everyone for their support. It means a lot. A thousand blessings on your houses and (as applicable) felines, lagomorphs, and canines.
Tags: cats, maya

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