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Gratification, delayed and otherwise

Well, the shoes arrived Thursday, less than twenty-four hours after I ordered them. I am enjoying wearing them.

And the third time was lucky ordering a digital camera; it arrived yesterday.

I am still rather wiped out from the day I had at work yesterday; the Sasser worm got into the environment and got all the unpatched machines (mostly outside our directly supported area), and two of my cohorts were out. Came home, gibbered, did not open up the package and start playing, did not do further cleaning or food prep for today, didn't even do laundry (which will start after I get out of the shower).

I did go and get my pix from my trip; I wish I'd asked for a set on disk, as one with me and Sean is ace and would be perfect for web page, LJ pic, that sort of thing with suitable cropping. Will have to see about that; my scanner is crap and not currently functioning.


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Jun. 26th, 2004 09:06 am (UTC)
I have a functioning scanner. It's the work of a couple minutes to do one photo.
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