Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Sunday randomness

Well, it's nearly 8 pm on Sunday night and what have I accomplished this weekend?

It doesn't feel like much, but I have most of the laundry (except for the hand wash) done, and the sink is clean, and the bills are paid. I also managed to find the full-spectrum candelabra lights for the fixture in the living room, which has been dark for a while.

(That was an adventure. El Cerrito Lighting, where I usually get them, is now closed on Sundays (again). I popped into the Vietnamese sandwich shop in El Cerrito (great) and actually found the bulbs at Pastime (Yay Pastime!), so it worked out in the end.)

No more church work (except the website) till the end of June, and then none at all (except the website) in July except the soup kitchen gig. Whee!

I'm glad I have tomorrow off - the papers need to be organized, and I need to devise a window covering for the shade that Maggie tore off. But I think I'm getting caught up with some stuff.

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