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Cat blogging

Well, Maya and Maggie are two of my new icons. They are TEH CUTE.

Yesterday's "processing" was after I came home from the church. I got offered an opportunity to usher for Chanticleer's new show (which is premiering at our church). The requirement is for white blouse and dark skirt/trousers. I have one white blouse and a pair of black wool trousers. The shirt looked ok, so I decided to put the trousers on.

Now basically the one time I wore these was the day I got confirmed in November - I still need to take up the hem (shocking for me, I know some of you are used to it). And most of that day, I was in San Francisco and not at the house. The trousers have pretty much been hung up since then and were a Maggie-free zone.

With that being said: they were covered with orange cat hairs. I started picking them off (saving some in the container) and was chuckling at the ability of the mostly black cat to target her orange hairs for the dark garment. "You were good, Maya, you were good." And I heard (with humorous inflection), "Lo, I will be with you always." I smooched one of the hairs and put the trousers back up. I will have to attack them with the de-linter, but I got a chuckle.

I was faffing about after I got back home, so didn't call the vet to see if the cremains are ready. I would have liked to bring her back home. But she will come back when she is ready.

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