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I was so generally out of it last night that I went to the airport to pick up my houseguest ... a day early.

I feel better today, honest. I'm almost coherent.

I did just miss being able to pick up the earthly remains of Maya at the Vet's today. I sort of had a "Bad human" moment, but it's one of those things. She is not what she once was. I hope the weather is as nice tomorrow (by the signs it should be) and I will parade the box through the house and yard, and then say a few things. I have the text of the psalm that so caused me to lose it the day after she died, and the "Cat Jeoffry" portion of _Jubilate Agno_ printed out. I'll say as much of them as I can stand.

I seem to not be able to find the copy of the famous Queen of the Savannah picture at the moment, which bugged me, but I did find some shots I apparently got in the same session, and put them up on the ledge. When I get organized enough to ask cat_herder to print me the best pix from my online copies, those will go up. (It was an interesting This is Your Life venture ... soc.singles trips, Sean's baptism, a lot of weddings, all those trips to Seattle ... actually took me a while to find a pic of Maya, I was surprised given the film I burned on her.)


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 3rd, 2005 01:54 pm (UTC)
Tortie girl! *squee*

I'm so sorry to hear about Alma, but I will say ... if she liked hanging out in the den or if it's a position of Respect don't worry about the hole thing.

It will probably take me that long to do a hole - planting things in the summer is a bad idea locally. But I shall, as I have some consecrated oil (on a cotton puff) that really should go in the ground.
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