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Quick update

Busy day - going off to Dave's ordination, then having some Ship people over for dinner. I have a houseguest so am not on the computer much. Tomorrow will also be busy as I am off to church with extended-play socializing and then usher for a Chanticleer concert in the afternoon.

Maya's earthly remains are back in da house. When I picked up the box, the vet tech and I both blinked at its size, and she remarked, "It seems so odd to have such a little box because she had such a big spirit." I cried less than I thought about it.

One of the lines from Jubilate Agno is especially in my mind: "For (she) purrs in thankfulness, when God tells (her) (she's) a good Cat."

A pal who is a Methodist minister told me about a book Cat Heaven, where the cats all sleep on God's bed. I am going to look for a copy, sometime in all the hoohah this weekend.

In catching up on my daily office reading last night, I got the idea that I should more or less dedicate a blog to matters of faith, especially so I can update the sidebar with "daily reads" and start keeping track of them better. (I can probably do this with a paid LJ account, but I'd probably choose another style.) I feel like I'm getting to the point where I can start talking about it on my own, rather than reacting to, say, posts in the "Dark Christian" LJ community. I was considering reviving the original BFG but if you think it better for me to start somewhere else, lemme know.


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Jun. 5th, 2005 12:12 am (UTC)
I think it's a fine use for BFG.
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