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Tongues of Fire

Yesterday's ordination was a wonderful, moving experience. I really felt a part of "the communion of saints". As two from St. Mark's were being ordained, a number of the congregation came out in support, and I enjoyed sitting with some of them (little miss who was with us got passed from pew to pew and eventually conked out on the cushions).

(Elissa, David who was your student while you were here was deaconed yesterday. I said hello and congrats for you. As it happens he has been attending St. Mark's and I was wondering why I recognized him vaguely.)

The major thing "wrong" was that the acoustics absolutely sucked dead bunnies through a happy straw. The second lector was inaudible, as was the litanist and the choir soloist. This is highly unusual for Grace, as they have a good sound crew, and no doubt someone will be Talked To for screwing up an ordination, but in a lot of ways it solidified "why I'm glad I'm at St. Mark's now" for me.

But it was a grand and glorious thing to see the old stomping grounds fitted up for festival (and a reception in the courtyard on one of the finest weather days imaginable). The "Tongues of Fire" were installed above the nave, which I've seen before, but always impresses me.

wind and the Spirit

I will probably do more of a "thing" on Berkeley Farm Girl, which I have decided to revive and spin off as a natterings-about-faith blog, but wanted to check in.

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