Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Pet Funerals

One of the things that has helped keep my brain occupied in my recent bereavement is planning out a funeral service for Maya. This is somewhat a new experience for me, as I am not used to rolling my own liturgy and for once I feel like the BCP has let me down.

Via blogpal LutheranChik, I learned of the Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua. The site has much interesting content, but I keep going back at the moment for his suggested order for Funeral for a Dog, complete with filled in prayers for his three. I offer this here as a resource for those in (hopefully FAR IN THE FUTURE, THERE'S BEEN WAY TOO MUCH OF THIS LATELY) need.

I am thinking some of Maya's earthly remains will go in a hole when I plant a rose on the south side, under (or close to) the living room window she loved lounging on in the sun, next to the driveway where she cheerfully scratched her back.

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