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Home again, jiggety jog

I got back at about ten pm on Thursday night. It's been interesting adjusting back to the fogbelt. It feels unusual to be wearing a jacket (much less long sleeves) and not thinking where's my hat-sunscreen-water bottle-sunglasses. The green isn't as much a shock as normal, as there was a lot of rain in the plain this year in NM, and of course Colorado was amazing for that.

In some ways I'm happy to be back home, out of the heat, back in the wired world; in other ways I'm still wandering around the Western back roads admiring the buttes, the mesas, the plains, the rushing rivers, and above all the mountains and am feeling a bit disoriented back "home". I had this disconnect after the first time I went to NYC; liked the place so much I started to "go native".

I wish I had pix of the many amazing things I saw, but as noted, I left my camera at home (oops). My hosts are talking about a big event in Santa Fe next year or the one after that, so I might get another shot at them, but I also might get a CD of everyone else's eventually.

And I'm annoyed that I can't walk into about any breakfast joint and order "Burrito. Bacon. Green. Beans." I did get a petit jambon from The Fatted Calf at the Farmer's Market, and some spicy salsa at the produce mart, so I might be rolling my own.

Had hoped to ease back into the church thing, but got a call at the last minute to help with coffee hour; it's my new "regular" day, but I had been "off" to recover. Fortunately I don't need to bake anything (although I got a lot of blueberries at the market and my cherries are ripe), as we have leftover cookies from a memorial.



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Jun. 26th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
Just back from Colorado?!? Yipes! We almost crossed paths! I was s'posed to be in Colorado last night and today for a wedding (cousin) in the western desert. Lots o' mesas, there are.

But, I didn't go. The prospect of thousands upon thousands of dollars to fly myself, TMFpb and The Future Daughters puffinboy there for a day and half was a bit ... absurd, I guess is the right word.

Glad you enjoyed yourself - and that Maggie's being a good cat welcoming her person home.

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