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Welly, well, well, well.

Got a call at 6:20 am from Western Union. Someone in Nigeria was trying to use my credit card number (multiple times) to transfer some funds. Transaction was refused.

The card has been cancelled, the credit card company and I discussed what else is likely fraudulent (looks like someone got hold of it starting June 21 or so ... when I was riding horsies and soaking in mineral baths in Colorado), the credit bureaus will be notified that this card was used fraudulently, and I will be getting a new card and a statement.

What else should I be doing here? Does anyone think that filing charges would be appropriate?


Jun. 28th, 2005 01:53 am (UTC)
Mine was also stolen (that idiot processing company's security breach). I had to file a police report and bring a copy to the bank. They were very uncooperative about it, actually, considering that it was clearly not my fault (they also gave me endless shit about buyng things on the internet even though that particular card had never been used for that).

So: check to see if you have a file a police report, do so if you have to. They're not going to investigate, but it will give you the paperwork if your bank needs it.

Also, get a free copy of your credit report(s) and maybe put a fraud alert on them.