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Happy Fourth!

It's been a busy week at work, and at home. I was looking forward to a four-day weekend catching up on the computer and cleaning (Independence from Clutter!) but I am on call (till tomorrow, when I cheerfully forward the phone) and not only got called, but ended up going in, for three hours yesterday and about an hour today. I was fairly toxic last night when bronica and cat_herder came over. Getting a call three hours after I left for a question that should have been asked me while I was there didn't help my mood, although the fact that I had to make the salad dressing three times due to spilling previous batches on my foot (ouch) and in the sink wasn't making me any less crabby. I felt much better after I sat down and ate my dinner. They also praised me profusely for the cleaning, which is nice.

Happily I had time to go to the farmer's market (forgot my new digicam, though), the third batch didn't spill, and the house required only minimal picking up. I was able to stay awake through a movie as well ("Saved!", a charming film).

And the issue today was solved by a co-worker, whose change in the morning caused it in the first place. (I also didn't spend three more hours doing it. Which would have really sucked because everyone else is having a nice long weekend.)

For the first time in a while, the RFC gang isn't having a July 4 potluck; I do plan to have an all-American dinner (tri-tip, tomatoes, potato salad) and go to sleep as soon as the fireworks stop booming and the neighbor's party quiets down. At least I have two more days to actually recover from work done over the weekend.