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Holiday weekend cat blogging

Maggie and I have been getting to know each other better since Maya's death. This weekend has provided a great opportunity for bonding (sometimes literally ... ow) as I have had a lot of unstructured time and felt like being a big slug.

Maggie is comfortable enough with me to complain at me, loudly (she is Siamese if you please ...) most times. She has also jumped onto my lap a couple of times AND STAYED for more than a couple of minutes. As she is a typically-full-of-beans eleven-month-old, this is an advance. It also beats her biting my toes/licking my hair (ewww).

This weekend we also went Out. Yesterday we went Out and she started breathing heavily (in my arms) when she saw one of the Other Cats (the sweet-tempered gray Manx) to the point where I might ask the vet about kitty Valium. Today I let her Out without the leash when I was taking out the trash, and she saw one of The Other Cats (the tuxedo this time) and took off after her. I had to retrieve her from the fence so she didn't go under.

Earlier she had woken me up from my nap by complaining VERY LOUDLY. She jumped on the bed for a cuddle, which was nice. (Note to ayse: she does occasionally get tuckered out. I got some pix of her immobile on the carpet, which I will post when I get a new camera cable.)

I have been thinking that it's a good thing that she is so different in coloring and style than Maya, so I'm not seeing little calico ghosties. I miss Maya's dignified queenly presence, and will always remember her with much love, but these two are such different animals. Maggie is a real goofball.

I am also glad I have finally started decluttering the office. Odd how my cats are propelling me to get busy with this again - plural, even if I didn't re-start it during Maya's final weeks. She used it to her advantage. She was a very clever cat.
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