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checking in

I've been in one of those "I'd lose my brain if it weren't firmly attached to my body" phases. I was remarkably missing social cues late last week, misplaced my keys in a five minute stop at home on Sunday (stretching it out to fifteen as I looked!) and put my glasses someplace weird on Monday morning, necessitating going to work in my spares.

Plans for making cherry-berry pie and catching up blogging on Monday night (including peeectures) were dashed by not feeling very well. I went off to Borders (getting very woozy in the line) and got a couple of paperbacks, one of which I started during my bath and stayed up to midnight to read.

Yesterday was an improvement in both the physical and mental recovery departments. I went over to ayse's to deliver the cherries and we went to Angel Fish, aka "The fabulous sushi place in Alameda that is so hard to find". It was exquisite. I have eaten many California Rolls in my time and it is amazing the difference the freshest Real Crab makes. The toro was like buttah. I also think I can find it again :D.

We saw one of the neighborhood cats who A. thinks is Maggie's sister, but kitty didn't come to us and, while she (calico) was sitting across the street at "her" house, the humans were out too and I didn't want to explain that I think I have this cat's sib, as I might start getting annoyed at The Cat Dumper again, even though I have a fabulous cat out of it.

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