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Feed news

The feeds I set up for my blogs seem to be feeding. It's one good thing in a cruddy week ;).

Someone already set up a syndicated account for Open Thou our Lips:


and mine are at:


So feel free to Subscribe Away.

If they are feeding the full article and I can make some tweak to get them to feed only the first paragraph or so, please let me know. I have already set the settings in blogspot to "short", but I don't know how well that is working with the LJ. I got the full article texts when the syndication started working.

Helpful Tips in comments always appreciated, although I'm disappearing shortly to go up to Tomatoland and won't be back till tomorrow.


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Aug. 1st, 2005 04:57 am (UTC)
I have a strong preference towards having the entire article in feeds. It's much easier to keep up with things that way. Otherwise you have to decide from the first 40 words whether an article is something you want to read in entirity, and then you have to go through lots of extra steps to read it. Unless you've got significant ad revenue and need the click-throughs, full text is nicer.
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