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I went to the doctor. I got a hemoglobin test (borderline anemic, surprise, surprise). He did a procedure. Somehow this all feels more "real" (yeah I know it's real, but bear with me) because local anesthesia was involved. I get results on Weds and have a followup appointment in about a week.

I had lunch at Genova Deli while I was waiting for my prescription. Lunch at Genova Deli Does Not Suck. If I'd had a little more time I would have checked out "Bakesale Betty" (hi serenejournal) but I wasn't quite up to walking to the corner.

Work has been a three ring circus. Let us say that my tolerance of the usual bullshit and stupidity is about down to nil and I am putting my foot down firmly about New Stuff. The boss lady cancelled out our weekly meeting, so I didn't get to "share". I will at least have some specific stuff for "sharing".

I'm still feeling barky, but I'm hoping the worst of the emotional stuff is now behind me. I am looking forward to a mellow, rejuvenating weekend. No work (after this @#@$% file migration is done tonight). No volunteer stuff at the church. Yippee-ki-yi-yo.

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