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Quick update

Eeek! Is it the tenth of August already? Must pay bills, and send Dad his birthday card.

Anyway, a quick update, as I realized that most of my time at the house in the last few days has been spent asleep (or trying to sleep and just too miserable to be at the computer ... must get laptop).

The bad news is that I'm still bleeding (even after a course of medicines from both my doctor and my acupuncturist), the good news is that I'm feeling better on the physical and emotional planes most of the time. I am calmer, and sleep has returned to a normal schedule, which definitely helps. Some times I am even back to almost-normal energy levels, although I am doing a big crash 2-5 pm most days.

Followup appointments on Monday.

I did get my new bank card, so I have cash and I'm eating out. There is a new seafood restaurant in the nabe and I hear some crab cakes calling.

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