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A change of plans

I got another oncall call this am. This time it was at 4:30 am (and I did not have to go in). So I was up early.

I was debating whether to go to 8 or 10 am service. Energy level decreed 8. I decide to re-caffienate so that the quiet, reflective atmosphere in the chapel would not make me sack out snoozing on the comfy chairs, much like Brigid the church cat.

I was showered and dressed at 7:40. I had even put my phone on buzz. I decided to check my email right quick-like for sheer kicks and grins.

There was a message from the deacon. As I was not expecting something from her, I opened it right away.

Well. There is going to be a wee bit of a surprise celebration for the rector's round-number birthday this coming week. At 10 am.

That was worth changing my plans for. I've spent the last hour doing the things I was planning on doing at 9 am when I got back. And I've definitely got a "second wind" kind of energy boost.

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