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A visit from a friend

(Already posted on Berkeley Farm Girl)

It's been bad this week. Very, very bad. The only really good thing that came out of it was that I don't need surgery (yet, anyway) and the blood iron is getting back up there. I'm still getting a laptop, though. That's my Retail Therapy.

On Wednesday, after a long disgusting day and much to do in the evening, I finally oozed under the covers and read Compline. I curled on my side to fall asleep and there was ... a presence ... on the bed, right in front of me as she so often had been. Meatloafed and purring. Giving me the "admire" look straight in the eyes and "blinkies". I smiled (through tears in my eyes), petted and scritched her, and pretty much was lulled into sleep. When I woke up she was gone.

I had been thinking of Maya recently; because she died on the 14th of the month, and I note the 14th of the month in any case, I will probably be noting her month-minds for a bit. I have been missing her a lot in my current sad state. But I wasn't expecting the ghost cat to appear on my bed. She hasn't been there for a while (she was there a lot the first month ... I think we were both surprised at the speed of her demise). It was very comforting to "see" her. Thank you, dear friend, for stopping by.

The Queen

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