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Jazz Funeral

I have been utterly stunned at the extent of the one-two punch in the Crescent City and in the MS/AL gulf. I think that every city in this land should have a jazz funeral to commemorate the dead and the diaspora, and do Fat Tuesday/crawfish feeds for relief charity. On my food blog, I challenged food bloggers to do something on their blogs to salute one of the Great Food Towns on the Planet. (I am, alas, without my own New Orleans food memories. It was always "Next year at Mardi Gras." waaaah) It's not that much in the grand scheme of things, but as someone who has been through some powerful stuff recently, I know I appreciate it when someone out there cared.

Via my blogpal bls over at The Topmost Apple I learned of the Blog for Relief day sponsored by The Truth Laid Bear.

Like bls, I will be sending a contribution to Episcopal Relief and Development, a worthy (and low overhead) organization that is already "on the ground". If you do not have a pet charity that you like giving to, please consider them. They do good work. If you know of a worthy charity that you would like to commend to peoples' attention, mosey on over to TTLB and let them know.

At this point I can't do much more than this (and pray). Lord, have mercy.

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