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Dreaming dreams and seeing visions, part two

At some point last weekend I had a dream. It was somewhat like the pleasant daydream I have that started as "the snigglers' retirement home". My ideal for that is some lowish-density lofts (3 stories max) in some medium or more density area, with good soundproofing and lots of "roof gardens" and stuff like that. In size I'm thinking similar to Piglet's old place in Manhattan, in setting I think of this pleasant little daydream whenever I drive by the lofts on Dwight near my house (cattycorner from Dwight Way nursery). I think I pointed these out to elissaann at some point when I was driving her around town.

I want a big space that I can reconfigure and screen off my "work area". Lots of wall space for my books, and shelving to stack fabric on. I would have enough room to keep a cutting table out, etc. etc. I wanted cool people around for lots of social interaction, but I wanted my own space. I wanted green-space nearby too.

But, this time I was definitely asleep and dreaming. I think I had worked out that if I attached the shelving to the walls it would be as quake safe as anything gets around here (I had previously daydreamed some place without the earth moving, but of course would want a mild climate ...).

In it, my sewing skills had definitely improved to the point where I could sew as well as I can cook now, and the studio area had a lot of fabric and Big Machines. And "body doubles".

There was also a lot of music around. I don't remember if I was actually able to play the piano, or had one around for the many gatherings that happened.

There were a lot of these gatherings. Some were stitch and bitch, some were "eat! eat!", some seemed like a house church and/or salon sort of thing. I was definitely keeping open house (and screening off the sewing area various ways from the "public" space).

I am not sure, if anything, what I was doing for a living. I don't seem to have been working in an office, as I seemed to be doing a lot of volunteer work for the church, which had a soup kitchen AND regular Daily Office type services, both of which I was heavily involved in. (It wasn't my present church, although the community struck me as a lot like it.)

Cook, sew, sing, dance, schmooze, and pray. In my Father's house there are many mansions.

M. was in my universe, and in a positive way. This was a bit of a change in my dreamworld, as for the last eighteen months any time he's popped into my dreams, it's been to let me down, hard. (Why, yes, I do hear the loud "DUH" from the peanut gallery.)

During the dream I became aware of how my (real) world has expanded out considerably; it used to be mostly snigglers in my universe, and now I have all these overlapping circles instead of mostly the one.

The idea that I was creating in fabric was also a warmly inspiring one. It did feel like a result of diligent study and a lot of practice, but it was one of those "you can do it" sort of things. Actually it was quite impressive to see what I *could* do. (I am sure that none of you will be surprised to learn that I had a cope-in-progress on one of the forms. I was beading the trim. Hi lorres.)

Besides the "the kingdom of Heaven is here" aspect of it, I felt that in a lot of ways I had been given the keys to start opening various doors in my mind. (I looked in my hand and there they were.) It's been grim lately, so I'm trying to hold on to this and move forward into the light.

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