Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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Another busy week behind me, and one ahead of me. Work really is nutty.

For my Jewish readers, I may be attending services at the Orthodox local this coming Friday evening, so any etiquette pointers would be appreciated.

Our Bishop paid us a visit this morning. I was in charge of altar guild (backstage setup). Everything went well as far as I can tell but I am tired because I arrived at seven-forty for early service coverage. I didn't need to do much for the service, but I ended up ironing tablecloths for the special luncheon. The setup for the main service was hectic but we got it all done early (before Himself showed up, actually).

My usual partner had to bail for this weekend so I had put out a call for help. Several people answered, which was nice. I paid them off in kahlua truffles ;).

The early service got out in record time, which was evened out by the Longest. Freakin'. Announcement. Period. Ever. and resulting overtime at the main service. (idasusan, was there ever a point about Danville? I was dealing with some extremely excited children in the back.)

Special for stephaniebird and tinyprayers: I got to hear Micah preach, since he filled in at 8 am. Hot stuff!!

I am running a nice hot bath at the moment to soak my weary body.

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